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What is big data without big analytics?


The most exciting thing in the industry right now isn’t “big data,” claims SAS’ Keith Collins—it’s “big analytics.” In this article, Collins explains the necessity of high-performance analytics for companies looking to make the most of their data.

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Upcoming event: how to approach big data with SAS VP of Big Data Paul Kent

Upcoming event: how to approach big data with SAS VP of Big Data Paul Kent

Check out the InformationWeek Big Data Analytics Virtual event on June 28th to hear how to approach big data from a number of industry experts, including SAS Vice President of Big Data Paul Kent.

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Insurance companies face heightened data challenges


“The challenge is in the data…and that’s multiplied by a factor of three for insurance companies,” says Richard Boire, founding partner of Boire Filler Group, in this video interview.

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Strength in numbers: Data-driven decision making

Erik Brynjolfsson, Director of the MIT Center for Digital Business, speaking at The Premier Business Leadership Series in Amsterdam.

What value does your organization place on business analytics to help understand and solve problems? MIT Professor Erik Brynjolfsson has spent years researching the value of business analytics to business and shares quantitative data demonstrating why businesses that use data-driven decision making perform measurably better than those that don’t.

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A picture…or a thousand words?

Jennifer Marchi

Big data is most understood through pictures, says SAS’ Jennifer Marchi. She explains the latest in data visualization for organizations to see what is most important immediately.

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What is big data?


“I usually define big data as lots of little data,” says Dean Abbott, President of Abbott Analytics Inc. He explains big data in more detail and gives organizations advice on what they should know when dealing with it in this video interview.


Using the cloud to your advantage


“Predictive analytics is hot, the cloud is hot, so the intersection of the two is hot,” says James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, as he discusses the scenarios of using predictive analytics in the cloud in this video interview.

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There are analytic superheroes among us


“There have always been analytic superheroes out here who are helping companies take data and make something neat and interesting happen to improve business decisions,” says Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer at Teradata. Watch the video interview for more.


Tackling big data with agile analytics

Shawn Hushman, Kelley Blue Book, interview

“I saw really quickly that due to all the information within the company, there would be no future unless we leveraged the high-performance of both holding that data as well as doing the analytics on it,” says Shawn Hushman, Vice President of Enterprise Analytics, Kelley Blue Book. Hear more in the interview.

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Ahhh, now that’s refreshing


Real-time, instant processing of information is a critical component of high-performance analytics to make sense of big data. Another important aspect is keeping your models fresh. Read an example of how Yahoo! used this approach to display relevant ads to a targeted set of visitors.

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