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UPS loves logistics … and analytics


Ever thought about what backs the intricate sorting, delivery and route process behind your receipt of a UPS package? See how the package delivery company moves from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive analytics in this video.

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Why your brain needs data visualization

Thought leader, SAS Best Practices

“Visualizations are the single easiest way for our brains to receive and interpret large amounts of information,” says SAS’ Analise Polsky. Find out what impact data visualization can have on your business in this article.

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Demand management moves to outside-in approach with analytics

Industry Consultant, SAS

Demand management is the natural place for organizations to start when moving to a market-driven value network. But the development of a demand management strategy is easier said than done. SAS’ Charles Chase offers advice to companies looking to get started.

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How will analytics rock your world in 2012?

Malene Haxholdt

It’s true. “Big data” can be a problem and an opportunity. Many organizations have struggled to manage, much less profit from, the deluge.

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Take the leap into advanced analytics

Bill Franks

There is a wealth of new data sources for companies to use in their analytics. Bill Franks, Chief Analytics Officer, Global SAS Program for Teradata, provides some insight into how to evaluate new data sources and what pitfalls to avoid.

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