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Orlando Magic grows fan base with analytics

I had the opportunity to take a tour of the Amway center for the Orlando Magic this week during SAS Global Forum 2012 and caught up with Director of Business Strategy Anthony Perez about how the team is using analytics to grow its fan base (see video below). It was incredible to see the extremely high-tech center and get a feel for the technology and analytics that backs every piece of it. Here are just a couple of examples:

  • The advertisements on the wide-screen monitors around each “wing” of the center are strategically placed. Say a group that owns tickets for a suite on the west side of the center tends to purchase Dr. Pepper during games. Dr. Pepper ads will run on the closest TVs.
  • At the retail stores selling the many Orlando Magic-branded items fans love to don, the Magic scans tickets to collect data on what they’ve bought. One family may have stocked up on jerseys at the beginning of the season; the Magic may send email promotions on hats to purchase by the final game.
  • There are incredible LED boards around the center – one that goes 180 degrees around the seats and another that spans 360 degrees. Orlando Magic corporate sponsors advertise on these and the GIANT scoreboards to get messages out. The team has an initiative with Tijuana Flats, a local taco restaurant, where they give away a free taco to ticket holders for every 10 three-pointers the Magic scores. Whenever the team hits their tenth “three,” Tijuana runs eye-catching promotions saying “FREE TACO” on the LED boards and scorecards.

    The Magic is beginning to collect tickets redeemed at Tijuana Flats to get information about the people who followed through on the promotion. They can then send out surveys to find out things like how often they go to Tijuana Flats, how likely they’ll go back, number of people they came with, what they spent beyond the free taco, etc. This data gives qualitative insight on Tijuana Flats customers while providing measurable ROI the Magic can present to prospective corporate sponsors.

Pretty powerful, right? Check out this video interview with Perez for more details.

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