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Nine examples of analytical innovation

Nine analytics experts recently told me how predictive analytics are driving innovation for organizations, citing outcomes such as increasing productivity and knowing what the consumer wants often before the consumers themselves do. Read the perspective below from Greg Hayworth, Scientist at Humana. And watch many more from Organic, Expedia, Teradata, Elder Research, KAPS Group, Web Analytics Demystified and Target Marketing in these video clips – view now in Flash, or on YouTube.

Greg Hayworth, Humana: The structured data from our call center tells us that 80 percent of calls are about claim status or verification of benefits. We have online tools to answer those questions, so why do we keep getting calls? That’s where text analytics comes in. We looked at notes that were coded as “claim status calls” – they’re not really claim status calls; they’re things that are related to claims. The first thing that is on the drop-down list that starts with the word “claim” is claim status. But by understanding on a more granular level why providers are calling us, we can be innovative about having better answers online and proactively pushing information out via other sorts of electronic channels. We ended up with a 10 percent reduction in calls per claim.

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