I have confidence

X Prize Foundation, others inspire the future of business at upcoming event

Tell me about the top headlines you heard today. They probably involved some sort of conflict, be it physical, political or psychological. As humans, we are drawn to such negativity. It perks our ears; we want to know what happened, who was affected and why. When (virtually) getting to know Peter Diamandis, Chairman and CEO of the X Prize Foundation, I’ve been utterly refreshed to hear his optimism for the future in light of the negative messages we hear every day.

Diamandis is confident about the future of civilization, the abundance of technology and innovation, and opportunities that this information-centric world brings. He makes me want to shout “I have confidence” from the rooftops!

But seriously, listen to a few of his thoughts in this video clip, and be sure to check out his keynote at the upcoming Premier Business Leadership Series in Las Vegas, as well as presentations by other renown thought leaders who will undoubtedly also share their optimism for what lies ahead.

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