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Four ways analytics is going to change over the next decade

Things change, and they change quickly; the only eternal truth is that nothing’s constant. It’s glib, but it’s true. And, those who don’t (or can’t) adjust get relegated to the history books.

The nearer-term future for analytics is going to look vastly different compared to the way things are today, as the industry continues to change just as it always has. The National Security Agency was dealing with “big data” (proportionally) as far back as the early ‘80s. At a time when the 3½-inch single-sided disk had just been launched with a storage capacity of 280 kilobytes, they were already dealing with a production system capable of storing more than 100 gigabytes of data.

Staying ahead of the curve isn’t easy; but it’s important. Four of the issues that we, as a discipline, are going to need to deal with over the next decade are:

  1. Near enough isn’t good enough. It’s real time or nothing.
  2. There aren’t enough people to do everything everyone wants to. And, there won’t be.
  3. Not everyone’s equal. The market will find a way to tell the difference, but only after a great deal of confusion and frustration.
  4. Classic analytics consulting models will start to break down. In their place, new offerings will grow. 

Read the whole blog post to find out more about these four issues.

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