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Business intelligence on the go: The case for mobile BI

Mobile BI is getting a lot of attention lately as executives see that tablets and smartphones are good for much more than email and text messages.

“Companies need insight into data wherever they happen to be,’’ explains Lisa Pappas, a Global Product Marketing Manager for SAS who covers this area. Pappas points to a recent Aberdeen Report showing companies that use mobile business intelligence can make critical management decisions in one-sixth of the time required, compared with companies that do not use mobile business intelligence – 26 hours compared with 165 hours. The study also found that organizations using top-performing mobile business intelligence achieved a time-to-decision interval of 3.8 hours, three times faster than all other business intelligence users not employing mobile.

“This is no hype cycle,’’ writes Jim Ericson on his blog at Information Management. He points to multiple analyst and CEO comments on the value mobile BI brings to the enterprise.

But how can companies get it right? In the Information Management article “10 Mistakes to Avoid in Mobile BI Delivery,” Lalitha Chikkatur writes: “The important thing to remember, simply put, is that mobile BI is not just a mobile version of traditional BI; it is a mistake to overlook the unique considerations required for implementation.’’ Chikkatur goes on to outline those considerations.

Pappas reiterates that point in her recent American Banker article and offers a glimpse of how one sector is using mobile BI. “In Italy, a bank … put Apple® iPads® in the hands of all its bankers. These individuals now have at hand their latest performance information during conference calls held to discuss marketplace changes. In the past these mobile bankers depended on printing out PDFs before going on the road, so when a call was held, participants could be viewing different versions of the data.”

To learn more about the Aberdeen report, Mobile BI: Actionable Intelligence for the Agile Enterprise, view this webcast.

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