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Operationalizing Analytics

A leaders guide to creating effective analytics

Canada Post on the (careful) commercialization of data


When Canada Post embarked on their transformational initiative to monetize address data as a value-add service to Canadian businesses, they did it under one condition: That privacy and protection would be a constant consideration. As a common data point across databases, address data is an integral part to any Master Data Management strategy. It’s powerful [...]

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The current state of business analytics: where do we go from here?

The Current State of BA

According to a recent survey by Bloomberg Businessweek, 97 percent of companies with revenues of more than $100 million are using some form of business analytics, but only one in four organizations believes its use of business analytics has been “very effective” in helping to make decisions. What gives?

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The good idea that never got off the ground

Evan Stubbs

Defining the value of business analytics provides a business case for evolving organizational structure and processes and offers a baseline to decide which activities to tackle first. This excerpt from The Value of Business Analytics: Identifying the Path to Profitability, by SAS’ Evan Stubbs, details an example of how a team carried out its management charge to innovate.


Blackjack and business: It’s not luck of the draw anymore

Blackjack and Business

Jeffrey Ma, author of The House Advantage, compares blackjack to organizational decision making. He says now that technology is available to make more informed decisions, organizations would be “fools to not at least incorporate them as part of their decision-making process.”


If you can predict it, you own it

Eric Siegel

For organizations eager to grow sales by taking an analytical approach, they need to understand the data that is available right now, lock down clear business objectives, keep the process in motion and on target, and measure the results, says Eric Siegel, PhD, Conference Chair of Predictive Analytics World and Text Analytics World.

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How organizations make better decisions


What kinds of common decisions can be improved by analytics and how? Author and researcher Tom Davenport has several suggestions.


Beyond the art of analytics

Beyond the Art of Analytics

James Taylor, CEO of Decision Management Solutions, and Evan Stubbs, SAS Regional Product Manager for Analytics in Australia and New Zealand, talk about embedding processes for fact-based decision making throughout the organization in this webcast.

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Beyond reporting – delivering insights with next-generation analytics


Who uses analytical and BI technologies and what tools best fit their needs? Find out in this TDWI Best Practices Report.


The budget is not the only tool in the financial box


Generally, the budget gets misapplied to all problems involving dollar signs. Check out this three-tier hierarchy for a more strategic approach to business planning.

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The many faces of analytics


Hear how a retailer, a bank and a government agency use their data to understand their organizations in a comprehensive and intelligent manner.

A surefire way to deliver value

Niel Nickolaisen

Former CIO and author Niel Nickolaisen writes about how CIOs can add value by helping the enterprise make better decisions.

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