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The translation layer: the role of analytic talent

For large organizations with multiple lines of business and deep, rich databases, making sense of information has become a business in and of itself. What is needed now, more than ever, is a good translation layer to ground businesses in fact-based decision making.

The analytics community is uniquely positioned to become the translation layer between insights and actions. This community – comprised of analysts typically working in teams who gather business insights from an organization’s data – is defined in detail within this paper. Whether they are called “analytics teams” or “insights teams,” they have the skills to see shades in the data where others can see only black or white, or parts of the puzzle. They can provide clarity on business issues and leverage information to accurately predict potential outcomes and find optimal solutions to business opportunities.

These teams have the potential to grow businesses and improve the quality of relationships businesses have with their customers. But they must be empowered to rise to that new challenge. They must step outside of their functional silos. They need to start looking at the business more holistically and connect the dots across and within the context of the organization’s strategy.

This paper explores the evolution of the analytical community and explains why they must move forward from data providers to insight integrators to further increase the positive effect they have on the organizations where they work.

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