Dr. Yuri Levin

Dr. Yuri Levin

Yuri Levin is a Distinguished Professor of Operations Management and Director of the Master of Management Analytics program at Queen’s School of Business. He has developed innovative approaches to business modeling and has published widely in the general areas of revenue management and dynamic pricing. He currently serves as Chair-elect of INFORMS Revenue Management and Pricing section and an associate editor of Management Science. He has consulted widely on consumer behavior modeling and optimization of pricing and developed corporate training programs in strategic analytics, operations management, and strategic pricing optimization.

Prescriptive analytics: the key to improving performance

What is predictive analytics

The manifestation of big data and analytics is precriptive´╗┐ analytics. How does your business make use of the data it collects? Yuri Levin and Jeff McGill discuss the integration of prescriptive analytics and what it means for businesses.

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