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Thornton May

Thornton May, IT Leadership Academy

Thornton May is Executive Director and Dean of the IT Leadership Academy. His book, The New Know: Innovation Powered by Analytics, positions analysts as heroes of the age we are about to enter.

Don’t fear big data, says author Thornton May. Embrace it.

Thornton May

Author Thornton May encourages enterprises to embrace big data in a series of video clips. Understand why unstructured data is so important and how big data plays a role in helping an enterprise predict what customers want.

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It’s an exciting time to be a CIO

Thornton May

Mobile computing. The cloud. Analytics. Social media. If ever there was an exciting time to be a CIO, this is it, says author Thornton May. It’s also time for CIOs to build bridges to the analytics community so their organizations work with a “certain element of oneness.”


The art, act and science of knowing


Ever consider the evolution of knowledge in society, organizations and even the brain? Futurist Thornton May has in this article.