Leo Sadovy

Leo Sadovy, SAS

Leo Sadovy handles Performance Management marketing at SAS. Before SAS, he spent seven years as Vice President of Finance for a North American division of Fujitsu, managing a team focused on commercial operations, customer and alliance partnerships, strategic planning and process management. During his 13-year tenure at Fujitsu, Sadovy developed the ROI model and processes used in internal investment decisions. He has an MBA in finance and a bachelor’s degree in marketing.


A plethora of black swans

Leo Sadovy

It seems that black swans – highly improbable events – aren’t as rare as they are advertised to be. Leo Sadovy gives examples of how the Black Swan Theory can be applied to business, and how analytics can help one prepare for future high-impact events.

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The budget is not the only tool in the financial box


Generally, the budget gets misapplied to all problems involving dollar signs. Check out this three-tier hierarchy for a more strategic approach to business planning.

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