Kelly LeVoyer

Kelly LeVoyer, SAS

Canada Post on the (careful) commercialization of data

A leaders guide to creating effective analytics

When Canada Post embarked on their transformational initiative to monetize address data as a value-add service to Canadian businesses, they did it under one condition: That privacy and protection would be a constant consideration. As a common data point across databases, address data is an integral part to any Master Data Management strategy. It’s powerful [...]

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Wyndham Exchange & Rentals has forecasting fever after profits roll in

PBLS 2012

The analytics team for Wyndham Exchange & Rentals (WER) has generated $11 million of revenue in its first year using forecasting and grid technologies. Jeremy Terbush, VP of Global Analytics, and his team share their next near-term goal and their perspectives on Wyndham’s analytical culture.


Safety analytics: The business of prevention

Kelly LeVoyer, Director, Communications, SAS

“Everybody deserves a safe workplace,” says Deloitte Consulting Director Dave Duden. He explains how advanced analytics can have a holistic effect on workers’ compensation claims analysis and workplace safety.

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How to value and develop analytical talent

Describe predict and prescribe

Working for the National Basketball Association (NBA) or Walt Disney World would be a dream come true for many college graduates and seasoned business professionals. And yet, these businesses face the same challenges with finding, training and deve

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Tips for updating your analytic infrastructure

Jessica Dunn, Bank of America

It’s a story you’ve heard before: Large organization wrestling with many different data sources controlled by different business units, different formats, some monthly, some quarterly—analyzed in spreadsheets. This was the old world at Bank