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Keith Collins, CTO, SAS

Keith Collins, CTO, SAS

Keith is responsible for leading the Research and Development, Information Services and Technical Support Divisions at SAS. He fosters close working relationships with marketing and sales to ensure that SAS technologies are aligned with customer needs and market demand. He has been instrumental in leading SAS’ evolution as a provider of industry-specific solutions that deliver the benefits of powerful analytic technologies into the hands of users.

What is big data without big analytics?


The most exciting thing in the industry right now isn’t “big data,” claims SAS’ Keith Collins—it’s “big analytics.” In this article, Collins explains the necessity of high-performance analytics for companies looking to make the most of their data.

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Four ways to divide and conquer


Trying to find the right high-performance analytics method for your business analytics scenario? In this article, SAS’ Keith Collins gives four unique ways to distribute high-performance analytics resources that will give you the right amount of computing power right where you need it.

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