Fiona McNeill

Fiona McNeill, SAS

Fiona McNeill helps organizations derive tangible benefit from their strategic use of technology. She has defined SAS product strategy and corporate relationships across industries, received multiple innovation awards, and was identified as one of the Most Influential People by CRMPower, 2000. McNeill has written for academic and SAS publications and presented at academic and industry conferences. She is a geographer, with an MA from McMaster University and a BSc from the University of Toronto.

Got text data? Now what?

Fiona McNeil, SAS

Are there different aspects to consider when evaluating software for unstructured and structured data? Yes and no. Here are similarities and differences you should know about when considering software.

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Three rules of text analytics


Text analytics, a strategic element of business analytics, breaks down unstructured data to uncover insights that affect decisions. Stick to these three rules when applying text analytics.

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