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Personalized pricing – here’s how it’s done

Maximizing Digital Advertising in a Customer-Centric Marketing Strategy

Jundong Song, VP of marketing service provider 89 Degrees, shares how retailers like Safeway are turning big data into personalized pricing — and seeing “significant” returns.

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What’s hot in retail for 2013?

Gilt Groupe gets personal with its mobile customers

There are three big trends in retail for 2013 and they all have one thing in common: data, which is getting bigger and bigger. It’s flowing in from mobile, social, online and offline shopping. What’s a retailer to do? Visit the NRF BIG Show in New York City next week to find out. We have the highlights for you here.

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Are we experiencing a retail renaissance?

PBLS 2012

DSW VP Harris Mustafa thinks so. The footwear giant’s e-commerce business is the company’s fastest-growing channel, and they’re just scratching the surface says Mustafa. Find out what gives them the upper hand.

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Marketing in the tech titan era

Tech Titans

Five companies are dramatically changing the landscape of marketing, retail — and life as we know it. They are the tech titans: Amazon, Apple, Google, eBay and Facebook. Find out what’s next from the big five, and what you might need to do to prepare.

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Shopping carts will track consumers’ every move

Shopping Cart

New shopping carts equipped with computers and GPS are on their way. Martin Lindstrom takes us into the lab for a behind the scenes look at the prototype — and at what marketers will be able to do with this new source of data.

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Who’s your brand’s Editor-in-Chief?

Five ways to evaluate influence without using Web site graders

Macy’s mBlog offers “news, reviews, magic and more,” Target’s got an online style monthly, and L.L.Bean promotes “Share Your Story” where customers emote about its products. If you’re a retailer and you’re not generating a non-stop flow of customized, interactive content, the writing’s on the wall: Publish or perish, says David Edelman.

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Gilt Groupe gets personal with millions of shoppers

Gilt Groupe

When Gilt Groupe began selling high-end merchandise at deep-discounts on its members-only website in 2007, the flash sale phenomenon was born. 3.5 million members later, they’re still growing strong, How do they do it? Gilt’s Senior Director of Analytics and Research shares five key pieces of advice.

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The retail store of the future

Store 3.0

The National Retail Federation BIG Show in New York this week is all about retail’s new rules and what’s coming next. One example is the evolution of brick-and-mortar stores. Find out how retailers are weaving the virtual world into the physical store — and four things they need to keep in mind as they move forward.

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Why Coca-Cola should raise prices

Why Coca-Cola Should Raise Prices

If a brand like Coke increased its prices to be slightly more than Pepsi’s, would you switch? In what instances do buyers view your product (or service) as highly differentiated or a commodity? Pricing expert Rafi Mohammed weighs in.

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My Macy’s: The science of localization


How do you maintain a local feel in a central organization of 810 department stores in 45 states? Speaking at The Premier Business Leadership Series 2010 in Las Vegas, Steve Nevill, Executive Vice President of Inventory Management and Support for

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