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Three reasons marketers should care about high-performance analytics

The Promise of Marketing Operations Management

A sporting goods retailer using high-performance analytics increased direct marketing response rates by 60 percent, and reduced data management time by 75 percent. What could you accomplish? Tapan Patel shares a few ideas (hint: location-based marketing, anyone?).

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Marketing Q&A with Expedia VP Joe Megibow

Megibow Video Feature

What possibilities does e-commerce pioneer Expedia see with big data and high-performance analytics? How are they tapping into social interactions on Expedia.com? What are they doing to increase customer loyalty? VP and General Manager of Expedia U.S. Joe Megibow answers these questions and more.

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Top five ways high-performance analytics will transform marketing

Top five ways High Performance Analytics is going to improve marketing

Everyone’s talking about high-performance analytics (HPA), but how can it help you improve your marketing and customer engagement? How can HPA help you make quicker decisions in an ever-shrinking window of opportunity? Wilson Raj has answers.

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