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Harry & David’s customer focus fuels comeback of the year


Gourmet food and gift retailer Harry & David went from Chapter 11 bankruptcy to receiving the Large Company Turnaround of the Year award in 2012. This year, the retailer turned in its best financial performance in five years and grew its customer list by 10 percent. How’d they do it? A customer-centric marketing strategy has helped.

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How marketing analytics works for banks

How new payment options can drive revenue

Bankers often use marketing analytics to figure out how to sell their products and services. But, how much more successful would you be if you used marketing analytics to learn what products and services your customer wants – and then create them?

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Can segmentation help banks find tomorrow’s high-value customers?

Who's your brand's editor-in-chief?

How do you find, and keep, tomorrow’s high-value customers? That’s an important question for banks faced with a slow-growth environment. Investing heavily to woo young, tech-savvy customers would seem a strong bet. And it might be – but only if banks have done their homework.

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Big data is a big issue for marketing

Executives from Bank of America, USAA and the United Nations discuss big data.

Executives from Bank of America, the United Nations and USAA recently shared how their organizations are tackling big data challenges related to customer segmentation, social media analytics, customer loyalty and more.

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Turkish bank puts a new twist on the free toaster

A New Twist on the Free Toaster

Offering a “giveaway” is a classic marketing tactic. In Turkey, Yapi Kredi’s retail banking customers who select the “oak” group of products can have an oak tree planted in their honor. But it’s more than a clever marketing campaign – the approach was based on analyzing what customers they wanted to reach and how to reach them. The results? Retail bank revenues are up 43 percent.

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