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Are we experiencing a retail renaissance?

PBLS 2012

DSW VP Harris Mustafa thinks so. The footwear giant’s e-commerce business is the company’s fastest-growing channel, and they’re just scratching the surface says Mustafa. Find out what gives them the upper hand.

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Big data is a big issue for marketing

Executives from Bank of America, USAA and the United Nations discuss big data.

Executives from Bank of America, the United Nations and USAA recently shared how their organizations are tackling big data challenges related to customer segmentation, social media analytics, customer loyalty and more.

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Five ways to keep your clients loyal — from wherever you are

Keeping your clients loyal from wherever you are

These days, you’re just as likely to be doing business across the world as down the street. So how do you cultivate loyal, trusting — and lasting — client relationships when you can’t always pop in for a meeting or take clients out to dinner? Author and communication strategist Dorie Clark tells you how.

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