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Secrets for more profitable marketing from Chico’s and Staples


Marketing experts from these two retail giants recently participated in a panel discussion on growth opportunities. There was a lot of meat in the general discussion, but here are five tips they shared that will help you refine your own marketing efforts, no matter what industry you’re in.

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Top 5 “Moneyball” lessons for marketers from Billy Beane

Billy Beane, General Manager of the Oakland A's

Billy Beane is the general manager of the Oakland Athletics baseball team, whose story is told in the book and film “Moneyball.” Beane is known for finding value in undervalued assets and maximizing resources, which translates nicely to marketing. Here are five lessons from a recent presentation Beane made at SAS.

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Turkish bank puts a new twist on the free toaster

A New Twist on the Free Toaster

Offering a “giveaway” is a classic marketing tactic. In Turkey, Yapi Kredi’s retail banking customers who select the “oak” group of products can have an oak tree planted in their honor. But it’s more than a clever marketing campaign – the approach was based on analyzing what customers they wanted to reach and how to reach them. The results? Retail bank revenues are up 43 percent.

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Five marketing best practices from Best Buy

Best Buy Marketing

Best Buy is a dream case study in customer analytics. In this post, Scott Friesen, Senior Director of Analytics for Best Buy, shares practical advice and tips for extracting competitive value from data across the whole company.

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Michaels CMO Paula Puleo: “I ooze CRM”

Paula Puleo, CMO Michaels

Paula Puleo, Chief Marketing Officer of arts and crafts giant Michaels Stores, talks about her first 18 months as CMO and shares her thoughts on the role of analytics in marketing and CRM.

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How to stop annoying your customers

How To Stop Annoying Your Customers

Suppose you’ve told a friend a huge amount of information about yourself – but they never remember any of it. This happens all the time with businesses and their customers – but it doesn’t have to. Follow these six steps from Retha Keyser.

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How to optimize your marketing


Find out how optimization technologies help you target customers to maximize response rates – all while taking into account customer preferences, propensities, profitability, costs, contact policies and other business goals and objectives relevant to campaigns and communications.

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Analyze early, analyze often and be totally transparent about your facts


Expedia, Chico’s and Harrah’s Entertainment all use analytics in their daily operations with great success. In this panel discussion, they share tips, best practices — and one example of analytics saving millions.

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Eight steps for better customer interactions

8 steps for better customer interactions

If you’re not using analytics to determine how your customers want to be contacted, you may be driving them away. Contact customers when and how they want to be contacted with these eight steps from SAS customer intelligence expert Larry Mosiman.

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Five steps for getting more out of your customer data


Paul Coleman, Director of Marketing Statistics, Macy’s Inc., shares his five step process for liberating customer insight from the mass of data.

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