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The digitization of everything — its impact on customer experience


When your coffee barista greets you by name and has your usual morning order piping hot and waiting for you — that’s customer relationship management at its finest. But with tech innovations rapidly merging the digital and physical worlds, what will CRM look like in the future? Brian Vellmure explores this question and more.

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Intelligent customers demand customer intelligence


What’s holding you back from delighting your customers? Camille Baumann explores the role of strategy, vision, executive sponsorship and analytic talent in improving the customer experience — and shares examples from companies that are exceeding customers’ expectations.

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Using customer-driven marketing to act like the corner store

using customer-driven mrkting to

How do you act like the corner store when marketing spans multiple contact channels and the customer is a moving target? Aaron Cano, former VP at 1-800-FLOWERS, now VP of Customer Insight at MBS, gives six recommendations for achieving exceptional customer insight.

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Michaels CMO Paula Puleo: “I ooze CRM”

Paula Puleo, CMO Michaels

Paula Puleo, Chief Marketing Officer of arts and crafts giant Michaels Stores, talks about her first 18 months as CMO and shares her thoughts on the role of analytics in marketing and CRM.

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How to play Marco Polo when setting prices

Rafi Mohammed

In this article, author and consultant Rafi Mohammed shares three pricing strategies that generate new profits and growth by understanding customers’ needs.

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How to stop annoying your customers

How To Stop Annoying Your Customers

Suppose you’ve told a friend a huge amount of information about yourself – but they never remember any of it. This happens all the time with businesses and their customers – but it doesn’t have to. Follow these six steps from Retha Keyser.

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How Fidelity used design thinking to perfect its website

How Ffidelity Used Design Thinking

How Fidelity used design thinking to perfect its website Fidelity’s websites account for the vast majority of the company’s interactions with customers, so it’s critical that the sites give customers what they need. For the latest set of improvements, Fidelity sought help from an unusual source: Stanford University design students.

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Citizen Intelligence: Because government agencies have customers too

Marie Lowman

If customer relationships are important for consumer organizations, what about citizen relationships in the public sector? Marie Lowman shares examples of how government organizations around the world are using analytics to make the world a better, safer place.

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Create brand superfans

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Forget customer satisfaction says customer strategist Matthew Rhoden. Take these three steps to turn your customers into advocate that support, actively promote and are even emotionally attached to your brand.

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