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Five keys to content-powered marketing

Scott Vaughan, Chief Marketing Officer for UBM Tech Web

If you’re in B2B marketing, here’s something you need to know: 70% of customers’ research is done BEFORE talking to a vendor. Want your company to be the one they call? Then start creating and sharing content that attracts, informs and inspires customers. Scott Vaughan, CMO of UBM TechWeb tells you how.

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Who’s your brand’s Editor-in-Chief?

Five ways to evaluate influence without using Web site graders

Macy’s mBlog offers “news, reviews, magic and more,” Target’s got an online style monthly, and L.L.Bean promotes “Share Your Story” where customers emote about its products. If you’re a retailer and you’re not generating a non-stop flow of customized, interactive content, the writing’s on the wall: Publish or perish, says David Edelman.

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