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The technology that drives marketing relevance

How to be relevant, be social and be real time in marketing

In our socially-connected world, marketers can easily be overwhelmed by needing to personalize multiple consumer interactions across sales, marketing and service departments. But the challenge is worth it – because no business would deliberately want to irritate customers with impersonal or irrelevant communications.

View this webinar to learn how to apply the best marketing solutions available today. Become successful at marketing in the moment that makes sense to your customers.
Ian Henderson from Sword Ciboodle joins Retha Keyser from SAS in this webinar to explore ways that organizations can increase customer satisfaction and conversion rates while optimizing budget and resource allocation.

Attend and gain a better understanding of how to:

  • Use behavioral data and customer sentiment to determine the next best action to take with each customer.
  • Automate personalization of these actions at every touch point in real time and post-real time.
  • Optimize marketing, sales and service spending to drive profitable growth and customer loyalty.

Watch “The Technology that Drives Marketing Relevance

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