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Marketing Analytics and the Data-Driven Evolution of Marketing

How marketing analytics works for banks


Martin Brennan, Customer Insight Manager with Permanent TSB, on how analytics increased the bank’s marketing effectiveness by aligning offers more closely with the customer’s wants and needs.

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CMOs are swimming upstream

CMOs are swimming upstream

Surprising results from a new EIU survey: one in five CMOs say they are only consulted on marketing strategy, but don’t take the lead. Find out what CMOs need to do to take a more strategic role.

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Gilt Groupe gets personal with mobile members

Retail 1

When consumers shop for high-end luxury items, they expect high-end customer service — even if they’re online. That’s why online luxury retailer Gilt Groupe works so hard to personalize the customer experience. Find out how they’re meeting this challenge and the future of analytics at Gilt Groupe.

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There’s a disconnect between CMOs and the rest of the C-suite

Disconnect between the CMO and the C-suite

For any leadership team, forging consensus on strategic priorities is a critical step towards building a successful business. However, a recent Economist Intelligence Unit survey uncovered a disconnect between CMOs and the rest of the C-suite over marketing’s priorities.

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Mobile advertising. What’s your strategy?

Mobile advertising strategies

To stay relevant, and profitable, publishers must look for new ways to reach consumers on their mobile devices. This Q&A with three digital marketing experts tells you what you need to know.

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New study says that CMOs are on the outside looking in

Outside looking in: the CMO struggles to get in sync with the C-suite

According to a new global survey, Chief Marketing Executives (CMOs) have a big problem: There’s a lack of consensus between CMOs and the rest of the C-suite over marketing priorities. What’s a CMO to do? The Economist Intelligence Unit has answers.

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11 marketing trends to watch

A Marketer's Viewpoint

What’s top of mind for CMOs? Adele Sweetwood, VP of SAS Americas Marketing, meets with top marketers from companies like Google, Pepsico, Verizon, Levi, and Harley Davidson to find out. She recently shared her insights, including eleven marketing trends for 2013.

Do marketers really need real-time analytics?

Adaptive Contact Planning

“Real-time analytics” is getting a lot of buzz, but where, and how, do you employ it to get the most bang for your buck? Wilson Raj shares four tips for applying real-time approaches.


Intelligent customers demand customer intelligence


What’s holding you back from delighting your customers? Camille Baumann explores the role of strategy, vision, executive sponsorship and analytic talent in improving the customer experience — and shares examples from companies that are exceeding customers’ expectations.

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Best practices and lessons learned from marketers

Marketing best practices

After interviewing a wide variety of marketing experts, SAS’ Jonathan Hornby compiled the best of the best advice for you. Find out the approaches you need to avoid, approaches that have exceeded expectations and much more.

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Turkish bank puts a new twist on the free toaster

A New Twist on the Free Toaster

Offering a “giveaway” is a classic marketing tactic. In Turkey, Yapi Kredi’s retail banking customers who select the “oak” group of products can have an oak tree planted in their honor. But it’s more than a clever marketing campaign – the approach was based on analyzing what customers they wanted to reach and how to reach them. The results? Retail bank revenues are up 43 percent.

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