Peter Dorrington

Peter Dorrington, SAS

Peter Dorrington is the Director of Marketing Strategy for the EMEA region at SAS and has more than 25 years of experience in IT and computing systems. Dorrington has extensive experience in a range of applications of Business Analytics in both the public and commercial sectors and in such diverse areas as customer relationship management, performance management, risk management and counter-fraud strategy and systems. target=”_blank”>

The science of decision making

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Why do people make the choices they do? There is a science behind decision making, and if you can harness it, you can influence and predict the decisions people make. Author and professor Dan Ariely explains.

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Analyze early, analyze often and be totally transparent about your facts


Expedia, Chico’s and Harrah’s Entertainment all use analytics in their daily operations with great success. In this panel discussion, they share tips, best practices — and one example of analytics saving millions.

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