John Bastone, SAS

John Bastone, SAS

John Bastone works within SAS’ Global Customer Intelligence Product Marketing group. Before joining SAS, Bastone spent more than 10 years in marketing, computer programming, consulting and analytics roles for companies such as Verizon Data Services and Catalina Marketing. His areas of expertise are behavior-based marketing and social media analytics. He is a frequent contributor to periodicals and presenter at conferences worldwide.

Bastone holds master’s degrees in business administration and information systems management from the University of South Florida, and a Bachelor of Science in public relations from the University of Florida.

Neuromarketing – creepy relationship management…or just what the doctor ordered?

marketing optimization in action at Aegon

The US Department of Defense is requesting proposals for implantable biosensors that will provide real-time data on physiological responses. If this becomes a reality, John Bastone sees marketing implications galore …

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Channels don’t define consumers

channels don't define consumers

Social sites such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube are consuming marketers who struggle to better listen, understand and react to customer sentiment. John Bastone has four tips for harnessing new mediums and aligning marketing across all channels.

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