UPS loves logistics … and analytics


Ever thought about what backs the intricate sorting, delivery and route process behind your receipt of a UPS package? See how the package delivery company moves from descriptive to predictive to prescriptive analytics in this video.

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Top three myths about evaluating human capital

Gene Pease, CEO of Capital Analytics

Measuring and evaluating human capital can be an arduous task. Gene Pease, author and CEO of Capital Analytics, dispels myths about stakeholder involvement, quantifying soft skills and obtaining data when evaluating human capital in your business.


It’s about big data, hairy data


Big data is more than big – it’s hairy, according to Magnus Lindkvist, keynote speaker at The Premier Business Leadership Series 2013 in Amsterdam. See what else he has to say in this video interview.

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Why your brain needs data visualization

Thought leader, SAS Best Practices

“Visualizations are the single easiest way for our brains to receive and interpret large amounts of information,” says SAS’ Analise Polsky. Find out what impact data visualization can have on your business in this article.

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How does data visualization fit into the predictive analytics process?

Anna Brown, Editor, Business Analytics Knowledge Exchange

More organizations are turning to data – and analytic – visualization to make faster, more effective decisions. In this article, find out where visualization takes place along the entire analytics process.

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Demand management moves to outside-in approach with analytics

Industry Consultant, SAS

Demand management is the natural place for organizations to start when moving to a market-driven value network. But the development of a demand management strategy is easier said than done. SAS’ Charles Chase offers advice to companies looking to get started.

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Got text data? Now what?

Fiona McNeil, SAS

Are there different aspects to consider when evaluating software for unstructured and structured data? Yes and no. Here are similarities and differences you should know about when considering software.

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What is predictive analytics?

What is predictive analytics

In the age of big data, organizations are moving from traditional analytics/reporting solutions that provide a snapshot of the past (hindsight) to solutions that provide an accurate picture of the present and a prediction of future trends (foresight). Enter predictive analytics. Read more about the approach in this article.

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Which bits are the important bits?

Jon Briggs PBLS 2013

Jon Briggs, Broadcast Journalist, gives some perspective on big data and highlights a few influential speakers at The Premier Business Leadership Series 2013 in Amsterdam.

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Business analytics and the data scientist

Business analytics and the data scientist

“To be fully effective, the data scientist should represent a pinnacle of knowledge engineering,” says SAS’ Peter Dorrington. Read this article for further explanation.

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A leader’s guide to creating effective analytics

A leaders guide to creating effective analytics

Authors of a new business analytics book created the Business Analytics Success Pillars framework that captures the key activities and similarities that thriving and successful business analytics functions share. See what it’s all about.

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