SAS® Fraud Management

Detect and prevent fraud across the enterprise

Leading global banks partner with SAS based on performance of the SAS® Fraud Management to conduct 100-percent real-time processing, scoring and decisioning on all types of financial transactions. We deliver powerful advanced-analytics, modeling-platform and decision-engine capabilities, coupled with consolidated customer behavior analysis, to detect fraud earlier and lower customer annoyance.


Build fraud management on a single enterprise platform.

Multiple and different product lines of business can all be supported on a single platform, incorporating a ‘multi-org’ structure and flexible application program interface. Our solution is flexible and scalable to meet your immediate and long-term requirements.

Optimize with “champion-challenger” business fraud strategies.

Real-time model and rule business strategies can be tested using historical data before deploying them into production, promoting confidence and reducing the risk of high false positives.

Use advanced analytics for the highest levels of fraud detection performance.

SAS provides innovative modeling technologies to detect fraud earlier. With real-time analysis and multiple models on a single platform, you’re able to lower customer annoyance rates. Scoring and decisioning 100 percent of all transactions in real-time gives you full control of fraud prevention strategies to stop fraud or credit risk exposure immediately.

Significantly reduce infrastructure costs.

Our single enterprise platform increases your efficiencies and lowers your total cost of ownership. SAS can integrate with other business lifecycle and fraud management solutions to promote and enrich the fraud or credit risk decision at an enterprise or customer level.


  • On-demand transaction scoring. Score all transactions on demand – purchase, payment and nonmonetary.
  • Sub-second response time. Gain speed with sustained, high throughput.
  • Powerful, advanced analytics, modeling platform and decision engine. Detect fraud faster and more accurately with advanced neural network modeling.

  • Integration with authorization systems. Integrate seamlessly and real-time with systems across the globe.
  • Extensive rule writing and powerful reporting capabilities. Customize with a client-configurable API.
  • Powerful, flexible case management and analyst environments. Expand customer information and decision making into multiple business lines.
We need to identify the non-payers as early as possible. Using predictive models, we can identify risk profiles and indicators so that we can focus where the risk of non-payment is greatest.

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