Investigations Management


Protecting communities through the power of data.

Those charged with keeping communities safe face an increasingly complex environment. In today's digital reality, investigators should know more about victims and perpetrators than they did in the past; unfortunately, that's rarely the case. Our solution streamlines the collection, management and analysis of intelligence data, providing you with a comprehensive picture based on all available data and serving up actionable intelligence to maximize your operational efficiency.



How SAS® on Azure Enables Investigations Management

Time is the enemy of all organizations that protect communities. Our cloud-based solution enables you to identify the risk and mitigate the harm quickly, without technology distractions.

Decision- & results-focused

  • Use a solution designed for investigators, not data professionals. 
  • See and search all available intelligence in seconds.
  • Get to the right answers and act when minutes count.

Flexible for rapid response

  • Respond promptly to rapidly evolving organizational priorities and individual investigations.
  • Empower rookie investigators with the knowledge of a 30-year veteran.
  • Address new situations based on a comprehensive foundation of organizational knowledge.

Scalable to meet your needs

  • Manage the volume and diversity of all data.
  • Ingest documents, media, communications and databases.
  • Be confident that nothing was missed.

Why choose SAS® on Azure for investigations management?

Our cloud-based solution provides data management, advanced analytics and operational solutions for gathering and managing intelligence, conducting complex investigations, and improving investigative processes and workflows.

Deeper understanding of the network

Connect the dots between people places and events.

Better use of precious human time

Proactively triage cases and enable investigators.

Quality & completeness

Empower users with comprehensive case management.

Delaware State Police uses SAS® Investigations Management on Azure to quickly investigate cases, apprehend suspects and protect the community.

"SAS allows the rookie cop to have the same type of institutional knowledge as a 30-year detective, and that has helped law enforcement throughout the state quickly investigate cases, apprehend suspects and protect the community."

Major William Crotty, Delaware State Police

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