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Digital Transformation’s Vital Role in High-Tech Manufacturing

As strategic priorities shift for high-tech manufacturers, speed, agility and resilience are emerging as top goals – and digital transformation runs through each one. What will the future look like?

About the webinar

Reduce costs, improve productivity, boost quality and minimize risk – the core goals of manufacturing haven’t changed much through the years.

But the way manufacturers reach these goals is transforming faster and sooner than anyone ever expected.

As recent global disruptions renew manufacturers’ focus on digital transformation, proactive high-tech manufacturers are investing in innovations that deliver speed, agility, sustainability and cost savings.

What can these future-focused manufacturers reasonably expect? And how soon can they expect it?

In this webinar, experts from technology powerhouses SAS and Intel Corp. will explore how analytics, artificial intelligence, machine learning and more can deliver maximum value for high-tech manufacturers.

What you'll learn:

  • Why making digital transformation a strategic priority matters now more than ever.
  • How real-time data and analytics support high-tech manufacturers’ efforts to sense and proactively respond to changes in demand, supply chains, logistics and more.
  • What AI, machine learning and modeling can do to help detect and prevent quality issues before they occur.
  • How these technologies underpin predictive maintenance efforts to maximize productivity and eliminate unplanned downtime.

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About the Experts

Duncan Lee
Principal Engineer, IT
Intel Corp.

Deepak Ramanathan
Vice President, Global Customer Advisory