SAS Vector Labs

What is SAS Vector Labs?

We’re dedicated to pursuing new, innovative ideas and passionate about bringing them to the marketplace and society. That’s why we created SAS Vector Labs.

Our commitment to innovation is strong and pervasive in everything we do. SAS Vector Labs delivers on that promise. We help SAS customers, partners, entrepreneurs and startups take their novel ideas – ones that disrupt and change business as usual or complement the overall organizational needs – and turn them into practical applications and products.

SAS Vector Labs builds on the incubator and accelerator hub concepts. It brings together the knowledge of cutting-edge experts from all industries around the world, such as academics and technology partners.

Meet the Global Teams

SAS Vector Labs draws from cross-functional experts who take new ideas and develop strategies to execute them. We continuously evaluate and use an iterative approach until the idea is fully executed or integrated into an organization. SAS Vector Labs provides the necessary training, networks and other resources to help startups, entrepreneurs, SAS customers and technology partners succeed.

Our labs are in SAS offices around the world.

Our approach

Having a great idea, the right team and knowledgeable advisers won’t matter if you don’t consider this: Is there a market need and what should be delivered?

Lean Canvas is a very simple, powerful tool for evaluating the market you want to enter with your product. SAS Vector Labs uses this tool to create an action-oriented business plan. It focuses on problems, solutions, key metrics and competitive advantages.

With Lean Canvas, you get one-page business plans constructed for multiple market opportunities. These plans define the highest-priority problems while delivering compelling business models. Solutions infused with SAS® are evaluated for investment, resource augmentation and defined routes to market.


Identify the biggest challenges. Are these problems already solved?


What are the solutions for each problem?

Compelling Event

What’s happening in the market? Trends or business influence?

Key Metrics

Identify stats that prove you are doing well. What do you expect those numbers to be?

Unique Value Proposition

What is your clear and simple mission statement that will turn your target audience into customers?

Unfair Advantage

What makes you unique that can’t be copied or bought?

Customer Segments

Who are the target customers and what markets are they in?


How will you reach your target audience?


What type of skills, training and cross-functional expertise are needed?

Cost Structure

What are your significant fixed and variable costs?

Revenue Streams

How will you reach customers?


Bringing practical innovation to the marketplace – that’s what the hackathon is all about. It is designed to use data for social good in new and creative ways using analytics, AI and open source on Microsoft Azure.

The hackathon is for developers, students, startup businesses, SAS customers and technology partners. Finalists in the hackathon will be introduced to the SAS Vector Labs team for further application development.

So, embrace your curiosity. Bring your innovative thinking. And get ready to turn your ideas into practical action. Registration closes Jan. 31, 2021.