A global hackathon for curious minds everywhere

Calling all developers, students, startup businesses, SAS customers and technology partners! Embrace your curiosity. Bring your innovative thinking. And, turn your ideas into practical action.

Join us for this global hackathon designed to use data for social good in new and creative ways.

Empower diversity: Together, we can improve the world.

Great ideas can come from anyone, anywhere. We are creating the most diverse hackathon ever with unique partnerships and sponsors!

A global launch party like no other!

Hackathon expert Angela Bee Chan shares her enthusiasm for the unique approach of #HackinSAS and passion for innovation. Also, get pro tips for a successful hack.

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#HackinSAS is more than just a competition.

Bringing practical innovation to the marketplace – that’s what the hackathon is all about. We know you have great ideas! 

Teams can be made up of people within your organization, your organization and a technology partner, or an individual looking to join a group. You and your team will be creating a potentially viable product using analytics to build a better world in one of these areas.

Data for Good

Use analytics to address complex global problems.


Develop an algorithm that will revolutionize an industry. 


Bring your innovative solution to the marketplace.

Get your creativity flowing! Show the world your brilliance using the power of SAS® and open source on Microsoft Azure. Let’s build something brilliant together – and let something new emerge.

Mark your calendar!

December 17, 2020 - February 15, 2021
Register your team. Your challenge must be defined and submitted for consideration.

January - February 2021
Get an edge on your competition by taking advantage of free enablement resources.

March 2021
Let the hackathon begin! This is the time to let your creativity shine – use data and SAS to solve your challenge.

April 2021
Finalists selected and introduced to the SAS Vector Labs team for further application development.

May 18 - 20
Winners will be announced at Virtual SAS® Global Forum 2021.

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