Responsible Innovation

A drive to create. A duty to care.

Technology advancements impact our lives, our businesses, our nations and our planet. Creating and consuming technology can unlock human potential, yet also produce harm. As one of the first AI and analytics companies – and now the market leader with the most trusted analytics platform – SAS is committed to working with customers, partners and academia to increase the awareness of, and necessity for, technology that is ethical, equitable and sustainable for individuals and societies.

Our Principles

Technology does not exist in a vacuum. It affects us all in unexpected ways.

Often ethical dilemmas present tensions that are not solved; rather navigated, managed and negotiated in the most productive and least harmful ways feasible. Managing tensions consistently, and in a trustworthy manner, requires an unwavering set of principles rooted in core beliefs and proven, effective strategies.

Human Centricity

Promote human well-being, human agency and equity.


Ensure accessibility and include diverse perspectives and experiences.


Proactively identify and mitigate adverse impacts.


Openly communicate intended use, potential risks and how decisions are made.


Operate reliably and safely, while enabling mechanisms that assess and manage potential risks throughout a system’s life cycle.

Privacy & Security

Protect the use and application of an individual's data.

Our Approach

Responsible innovation encompasses asking 'should we,' as well as 'could we.'

From the start of ideation, through development and deployment, SAS strives for our principles to be reflected in our people, our processes and our products. With a collaborative governance approach called the QUAD, we focus on Oversight, Platform, Controls and Culture to anticipate, mitigate and avoid unintentional harms, particularly for the most vulnerable.

Our Oversight

Ensures that internal and external AI-enabled technologies and processes adhere to data ethics principles. Advises executive leadership on sales, consulting, product development and procurement opportunities involving AI.

Our Platform

Absorbs and interprets expectations and demand, then develops AI technologies that align with market viability, SAS portfolio synergy, regulatory compliance and data ethics principles.

Our Culture

Cultivates a multidisciplinary ecosystem of creators, contributors and consumers of AI for knowledge sharing, collaboration and the normalization of behaviors and practices aligned with data ethics principles.

Our Controls

Internally monitors, audits and seeks compliance with data ethics principles. Provides organizational checks and balances to identify mitigation needs before AI-related technologies and services are made public.

Explore how SAS delivers AI to promote human ingenuity.

Our vision is a world where data empowers people to thrive. We pursue that vision through trustworthy and responsible innovation.

Reggie Townsend, Director of the SAS Data Ethics Practice

SAS Data Ethics Leader Named to National AI Advisory Committee

Reggie Townsend, Director of the SAS Data Ethics Practice, has been named to the National Artificial Intelligence Advisory Committee. The NAIAC will advise the President and the National AI Initiative Office on a range of issues around the development and use of trustworthy AI.

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SAS Data Ethics Practice

A guiding hand for SAS’ responsible innovation efforts, the SAS Data Ethics Practice ensures our platforms, processes and services keep the focus on people, with an “ethical by design” approach throughout product development and market strategy.

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Our core belief is that access to quality data, at the optimal time, interpreted with compassion, is essential to ethical and human‐centered innovation.