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Dear Readers,

If you use SAS analytical software or attend statistical conferences, there's a good chance you already know Maura Stokes.

Maura is Senior R&D Director for Statistical Applications, works closely with SAS/STAT® software development and is the editor of SAS Statistics and Operations Research News .

Maura's team has been busy this winter gathering information about new releases of eight different product areas, high-performance analytics updates and new statistical graphics. The team has pulled together an impressive online resources guide that highlights the 13.1 releases. The guide includes links to What's New chapters, product overviews, documentation and more.

My vote for the coolest link is the Statistics & Operations Research Video Portal, which holds a playlist of the latest videos from the statistical experts at SAS.

You'll also see many of these same experts live at SAS Global Forum 2014. Maura spends a good deal of time helping plan the SAS analytical portion of the conference. She tells us the analytical tutorial content has tripled this year, and there's an exciting range of application areas included in the invited talks and SAS presentations.

Enjoy! And be sure to share your feedback on SAS statistical products.

Christina Harvey
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
Predictive Modeling: How To »
Learn how to produce predictive models and prepare presentation-quality graphics in record time with Predictive Modeling With SAS® Enterprise Miner™: Practical Solutions for Business Applications, Second Edition.
PROC REPORT by Example »
The clear explanations in this book demonstrate PROC REPORT's capabilities through real-life scenarios. Accompanying data and code make it easy to find solutions to common programming tasks and challenges.
Free for Professors and Students »
Through a partnership between Teradata University Network and SAS, college professors and students can access SAS® Visual Analytics software and related course materials, delivering cloud-based functionality to the classroom.
Tips & Techniques
More Marker Symbols for Graphs »
With SAS 9.4, ODS Graphics supports more than 30 scalable marker symbols. Sanjay Mantage’s recent blog post shows how to define marker symbols from images or characters from any font.
Supporting Multiple Encodings »
This new technical paper presents a cost-saving technique to help solve encoding incompatibility problems for those who work with multilingual data in a SAS® Business Intelligence environment.
Summary Row Labels in PROC PRINT »
In SAS 9.4, the new PRINT procedure options SUMLABEL= and GRANDTOTAL_LABEL= enable you to specify summary row labels for BY groups and for the grand total row. Sample code provided.
Creating Random Alphabetic Values »
The RANUNI function is generally used to generate random numbers. With a few additional lines of code, you can use it to populate character variables with random alphabetic values.
Webcasts & Events

What’s New in SAS® Enterprise Miner™ 13.1
Feb. 20
1 p.m. ET

SAS Global Forum 2014
March 23-26
Washington, DC
Early-bird discount ends Feb. 24 

PharmaSUG 2014
June 1-4
San Diego
Online registration opens Feb. 17 

Analytics 2014
June 4-5
Frankfurt, Germany
Register now! 

SESUG 2014
Oct. 19–21
Myrtle Beach, SC
Call for papers opens Feb. 14 
SAS® Users Connecting
Happenings for SAS® Users »
Bookmark this site featuring a glimpse into the many programs that support the SAS user community, including spotlights on authors and speakers you'll want to meet at upcoming conferences.
Your Favorite Mobile Device? »
SAS users shared their preferences for SAS Mobile BI in a recent SAS Visual Analytics community poll. Join a SAS Support Community today to learn how your peers use SAS.
Branches »
The latest issue of Branches, an online guide to SAS support, is available online. The SAS Customer Loyalty team shares the latest information about SAS support offerings and resources.
Point-and-Click SAS® »
Are you using SAS® Enterprise Guide®? This complete curriculum teaches you how to use tool wizards to generate code or use the tool to write code of your own.
SAS® Functions by Example »
A must-have course for anyone who programs in Base SAS! Listen to author Ron Cody give an overview of this class.
Data Management Credential »
SAS Training offers a professional certification program for those who use the SAS Business Analytics platform to collect, store and cleanse data in preparation for reporting and analysis.
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