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Dear Readers,

July 4 is the US national holiday commemorating the signing of our Declaration of Independence. Aside from Christmas, this is probably the most exciting holiday of the year for a kid. We celebrate with the best kid foods – hot dogs, hamburgers, potato chips, watermelon - a grand parade, waving flags and brilliant fireworks. As I grew older, hot dogs and fireworks weren't as magical to me as the stories of past heroes and the freedoms the day represents.

I know that many of you live in countries far from the US, so you might be wondering why I'm babbling on about my country's history and heritage. Well, while I was buying sparklers and cutting watermelon for my family's July Fourth celebrations, I was thinking about the holiday and independence. But then, my mind began to wander to the various meanings of freedom and independence.

Freedom: 1) exemption from external control, interference, regulation, etc. 2) the power to determine action without restraint. (

Independence: 1) the state or quality of being independent. 2) freedom from the control, influence, support, aid, or the like, of others.3) a competency. (

So now you see where my head was going - I'm independent: a genuine DIY nut, self-starter, addicted to learning. The more that I thought about it, the more that I realized that you and I (and my forefathers, but with a more altruistic intent) are similarly motivated. We want to learn, learn, learn, so that we can be more self-sufficient, efficient – even competitive at times.I mean, look at all of the papers that you write to tell others how to use SAS better, faster and more effectively!

So, I've dedicated this month's SAS Tech Report to independence. You'll find as many DIY articles, links and tips as I could fit into one newsletter. If you can think of any great tips that I've left out, please send them along and I'll share them in a future post on the SAS Users Group blog.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
What's New
SAS® Enterprise Guide: Best if Used by Date »
All SAS Enterprise Guide software has a built-in expiration date. SAS Enterprise Guide 2 was released in 2002 with an expiration date of December 1, 2008, and has an expiration date of December 1, 2012. SAS strongly recommends that you upgrade to the newest release before the product's expiration.
Learning Customer Segmentation? A Video Tip »
Is your company revamping its marketing strategy to include customer segmentation? Or are you joining an existing team? Goutam Chakraborty recorded this video to explain customer segmentation, his training style and what you will learn during his SAS Training course - Customer Segmentation Using SAS Enterprise Miner.
First SAS PROCs »
Kathy Council has uncovered documentation from a 1970 SAS User's Guide that shows the very first SAS PROCs. Take a look and then let her know if you've been around SAS – or the world – longer than she!
Need SAS Techniques for Your New Career? »
The Junior Professional Scholarship program is a great opportunity for career professionals who are new to SAS to attend a SAS Users Group conference. For a quick look at the benefits and how to apply, read this post on the Generations SAS blog. (Check availability at a SAS users group event near you.)
Tips & Techniques
Get the Syntax Right »
Talk about independence! Have you ever been in a hurry and forgotten the statement you needed to write your program? Renee Harper says, "Let SAS Documentation help you avoid your next syntax panic attack." Read her tips for using the newly launched SAS 9.3 Syntax Index
Papers to Troubleshoot System Performance Problems »
Administrators and other do-it-yourselfers, this SAS Note is going to become your best friend! Here is an entire page of papers to help you troubleshoot your problems before contacting SAS Technical Support.
Working the System: Our Best SAS® Options »
Patrick Thornton and Iuliana Barbalau collaborated to write this WUSS 2011 paper that provides an overview of the most beneficial or interesting SAS system options. The paper is rated for the intermediate skill level. There is also SAS Usage Note on the subject if you don't want to take a deep dive right now.
Events & Webcasts

Best Practices in SAS® Administration
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WUSS 2012
Sept. 5-7
Long Beach, CA
Junior Pro Award Deadline July 20 

Best Practices for Configuring Your IO Subsystem for SAS®9
On demand

MWSUG 2012
Sept. 16 – 18
Minneapolis, MN
Junior Pro Award Deadline Aug 3

Analytics 2012
Oct. 8-9
Las Vegas 

ideas 2012
Oct. 8-10
Las Vegas

SESUG 2012
October 14 – 16
Registration now OPEN! 

SCSUG 2012
Nov. 5-6
Houston, TX
Registration now OPEN! 

NESUG 2012
Nov. 11 – 14
Baltimore, Maryland
Registration now OPEN!
SAS Users Connecting
Become Part of the ‘Circle’ »
SAS' Buffie Silva explains how you can be part of the Circle of Excellence: read the post, complete the survey, tell your story. Simple.
SAS Enterprise Guide: Writing Code »
Tricia Aanderud, SAS author and President of And Data, Inc. challenged herself to right a wrong: bust the myth that SAS Enterprise Guide is "all wizards, flow diagrams and magic." Her post gives one fun example of coding and then points you to other tips.
SAS Users Groups LinkedIn Group »
In August 2011, we expanded the SAS Global Forum blog to include all users groups events. This was a terrific success. The same change was made to the SAS Global Forum LinkedIn Group. The SAS Users Groups LinkedIn Group can be your one-stop-shop on LinkedIn for networking and users groups information.
Free e-Lecture »
Don't miss this free SAS Training Course: What's New in SAS Add-In for Microsoft Office, SAS EG and SAS Stored Processes. You'll learn to use the new features and see how they fit within the Business Intelligence applications.
New Course! »
This new course is focused on SAS Visual Analytics, a high-performance, in-memory solution for exploring massive amounts of data very quickly. Course dates now available.
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