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Dear Readers,

The SAS® 9.3 release is here, and it falls near an auspicious date – SAS' 35th anniversary was yesterday. So, it's a good time to say that SAS has relied on 35 years of analytics experience, a vast depth of R&D expertise and your customer feedback to selectively add to your SAS capabilities.

SAS 9.3 includes enhancements in data management, improvements in SAS' environment management and expansion of analytic capabilities that will allow you to do even more. There are many large and small changes, so I'll only be able to name a few here:

  • Not necessary to upgrade from SAS 9.1.3 to SAS 9.2 before upgrading to SAS 9.3 – a huge time savings, I'm sure you'll agree!
  • Producing graphs with ODS Graphics no longer requires a SAS/GRAPH®  license.
  • The family of statistical graphics procedures (SGPANEL, SGPLOT, SGRENDER and SGSCATTER) has moved from SAS/GRAPH to Base SAS.
  • In SAS 9.3, the default destination in the SAS windowing environment is HTML, and ODS Graphics is enabled by default as well. (You can disable ODS Graphics if desired. Read more below in Tips & Techniques.)
  • SAS Rapid Predictive Modeler, a component of SAS® Enterprise MinerTM, has been enhanced with options for integrated scoring and data set output.
  • The new FMM procedure in SAS/STAT® fits finite mixture models.
  • Within SAS Data Integration Studio, you can now save versions of jobs, tables and other metadata to a SAS Package file, and then archive the package in a third-party versioning system.
  • SAS Model Manager 3.1 now has the ability to retrain models.
  • You'll now have the ability to provide single sign-on on Unix SAS servers.
  • A new JMP engine enables you to quickly and easily read your JMP data tables into SAS.

This is a small sampling of what you will get when you make the move to SAS 9.3. Read about all of the changes in this downloadable PDF. There are also some great SAS 9.3 resources on While you are checking out the new stuff, notice that there's even a new GROOVY PROC – maybe we'll include PEACHY and KEEN procedures next!! I was sent this YouTube video to celebrate the GROOVY PROC. Enjoy.

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
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