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Dear Readers,

It seems as though there are always changes underway at SAS. One of the most recent changes of which I'm aware is one that Renee Harper calls “’s new hat.” The new hat is, in essence, a cleaner, simpler navigation on the support site header This change helps you quickly see where you are on the site and simplifies navigation. I won’t give away all of Harper’s story line, but I wanted to tell you my favorite detail – the share button at the top right of the page. Now you can immediately send your favorite white papers, tips or blog posts to Twitter, Facebook, Delicious or a host of other social media sites with a click of a button!

And here is another great surprise: As you get ready for vacation travel, don’t forget to pack a book and during the month of July, SAS Publishing is offering Free shipping. Hurry! Free shipping is good only for orders placed through July 31!

Waynette Tubbs
Editor, SAS Tech Report
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Please take a minute to fill out the 2010 SAS Tech Report survey so that we can give this newsletter a tune-up if necessary. I’ve only included four short questions to help me learn more about the content that you need. Thank you for your help!
M2010 Approaching! »
Join hundreds of attendees and listen as the brightest minds in analytics share new techniques and trends. Students: Submit your poster abstract for a chance for a free trip to M2010! (Deadline Sept. 1.)
The True Challenge of a Migration »
During SAS Global Forum 2010, Grégory Becquembois and Pascal Maurice from GIE Decision Network in France presented this great paper outlining the challenges and benefits of migration. “The true challenge of migration is transforming a technical exercise into a real development opportunity.” Great takeaways inside!
Stay Highly Available With SAS® Grid Manager »
For those who want to understand the business motive behind SAS Global Forum presentations, Commerzbank AG of Frankfurt provides the background for this paper. After that, SAS’ Cheryl Doninger and  Jochen Kirsten explain the technical side of deploying the SAS® Scalable Performance Data Server® in a grid environment.
Tips & Techniques
Organizing Output Based on BY Variable Values: PROC DOCUMENT or Macro »
When you want your report output organized by the value of the BY variable so that each BY group's output appears together, there are two options: Use ODS DOCUMENT and PROC DOCUMENT or macro logic.
SAS/ACCESS® Interface to ODBC on UNIX Platforms »
Learn to set up the interface between SAS and the ODBC product to gain access to a number of databases.
Recommended Graphics Options When Creating PDF Output Using SAS/GRAPH and ODS »
Step-by-step instructions, including supported fonts and directions for changing page orientation, are included to help you provide your results in PDF.
SAS® Web Report Studio: Create a Percent Calculation of a Fixed Value »
(See Managing Percent of Total Calculations in Tables for creating percent of total calculations.) When creating a percentage calculation based on a fixed value such as a sales goal or benchmark, use this example. Note: This sample used SAS Web Report Studio 4.2; you can also use version 3.1.
Webcasts & Events

SAS Forum ANZ 2010
Aug. 12

Analytics 2011
October 24 – 25
Orlando, FL

SESUG 2010
Sept. 26-28
Savannah, GA

SAS® Forum
CH 2010

Sept. 30
Trafohalle Baden, Switzerland

SAS Forum Germany
Oct. 6-7

MWSUG 2010
Oct. 10-12

WUSS 2010
Nov. 3-5
San Diego

SCSUG Educational Forum
Nov 7-9
Austin, TX

NESUG 2010
Nov. 14-17
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Have you read a great article on and wanted to share it with everyone? Now you can! The share button at the top right of most support pages lets you Digg it, post to Facebook, update your LinkedIn status and more.
Where do you look?
When you have a question, where do you look for the answer? Did you know that there are 17 active discussion forums on If you’ve never used a forum, the Key Happenings blog offers some advice.
SAS Professionals Know How to Party »
Chris Hemedinger tells of his wonderful experience presenting and learning at the SAS Professionals Convention in Marlowe last week. If you missed the convention, you can still connect and network with these global SAS Professionals.
Convenient SAS® SQL e-Lectures »
SAS e-Lectures are prerecorded lectures delivered by experienced SAS instructors. They discuss unique topics not covered in the courses. SAS SQL 1 e-Lectures: Additional Topics bundles four popular lectures.
Video: Coding Tips from SAS® Instructors »
Check out SAS Training’s free video tips designed to answer some of the most common questions raised in class. Subscribe to the SAS Training RSS feed for notification when a new video is added.
The Little SAS® Book for Enterprise Guide 4.2 »
Quickly become productive in the SAS® Enterprise Guide® point-and-click environment through the carefully designed tutorials that help you master the basics. (Completely rewritten and updated for SAS Enterprise Guide 4.2.)
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