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New digital risk models for tax and welfare agencies

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Annually, more than US$3.1 trillion is lost to tax evasion and error. Digital technologies can help governments recover millions, even billions, of that money and prevent future losses.

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Anti-fraud and error – what does success look like?


Can you predict a likely tax fraud or evasion – before it is committed? Predictive analytics is being used to uncover common fraud and evasion tactics: under-declared income, abuse of company status, false information by welfare claimants, identity theft and VAT repayment fraud.

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How to tell a genuine tax error from tax fraud

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Predictive analytics helps tax agencies all over the world identify fraud and protect revenue. Ian Pretty, the Tax & Welfare Lead, at Capgemini Global Sectors explains how these analytical techniques quickly identified evidence of potential fraud for HM Revenue & Customs in the UK.

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