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Demons of Gadara: Terrorism financing

John Cassara's book

Trent Smith interviewed John Cassara about his new book and what motivated him to write it. Cassara says he combined the things he learned as a former “street” agent with some of the things he’s learned from SAS. Cassara uses fiction to show some of the real challenges and dangers in terrorism financing.

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M-payments: a highway for terrorist financing

terrorist financing

There are only about 1.5 billion people who have direct access to financial services, making m-payments an attractive alternative to brick and mortar banks. And those with no access are not the only ones who will be attracted: M-payments will be enticing to criminals and criminal organizations as a means to launder money and transfer illicit value.

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Financial crimes investigation units


The front line of the war against global financial crimes includes members of financial intelligence units in banks and other financial institutions, as well as national law enforcement agencies. Read this review of recent discussions on the state of global money laundering and terrorism financing.

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Reducing the pitfalls of M-payments

Money launderng(1)

John Cassara, Former Senior Special Agent, US Department of the Treasury, and Dennis M. Lormel, President and CEO, DML Associates LLC and former Special Agent of the FBI, give two ideas that law enforcement, government and banks could use to come together to disrupt and prevent the flow of terrorist funding.

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Are the criminals winning?


On March 5, 2012, FinCEN issued an ANPRM to solicit public comment on strengthening and clarifying customer due diligence (CDD) requirements. In particular, FinCEN is considering an explicit CDD that requires financial institutions to identify beneficial ownership of their accounts. Read what experts are saying about the benefits and draw backs are to this new requirement.

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