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Blending the network soup

data integration

Recovering revenue lost to tax fraud, evasion and avoidance is critical to the national economy. The investigators and data specialists at HMRC use Connect, a visualization system built by SAS, Capgemini and Detica, to segment the population, identify behavior patterns – and decide if a taxpayer needs to be repaid.

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Predict and prevent fraud

preventing tax fraud

When the UK last held the G8 presidency in 2005, the focus of the summit was on ending world poverty and supporting development in sub-Saharan Africa. Now, eight years later, it is the pressure on budgets that has set the agenda for the 2013 G8 summit. What role can analytics play in ensuring tax compliance – preventing tax fraud?

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Anti-fraud and error – what does success look like?


Can you predict a likely tax fraud or evasion – before it is committed? Predictive analytics is being used to uncover common fraud and evasion tactics: under-declared income, abuse of company status, false information by welfare claimants, identity theft and VAT repayment fraud.

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How to tell a genuine tax error from tax fraud

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Predictive analytics helps tax agencies all over the world identify fraud and protect revenue. Ian Pretty, the Tax & Welfare Lead, at Capgemini Global Sectors explains how these analytical techniques quickly identified evidence of potential fraud for HM Revenue & Customs in the UK.

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