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Drowning in a sea of alerts


Producing high volumes of low-value alerts can impact investigation effectiveness and regulatory report quality. High performance scenario tuning helps investigation staff be more efficient – improving compliance and reducing the risk of inaccurate or late regulatory reports.

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Partnering for fraud prevention

How Culture Determines Your Appetite for Risk

Some organizations have leveraged statistical software and internal experts to build their own fraud detection models. But building models is only half the battle. This post will review the factors to consider when implementing a fraud detection model.

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Mobile payments, smurfs and emerging threats

Mobile Payments

M-payment remittances are replacing traditional banks and money services that have historically charged high fees for small transfers. The advantages and pitfalls of these M-payments for law enforcement and financial services are many. Former US Treasury Special Agent John Cassara maps what he sees in the road ahead and gives advice for protecting your firm.

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Convergence of fraud & security issues

data visualization

Every day, fraudsters and cyber criminals become more sophisticated and better organized. How can you protect your organization and your customers from this threat? Patricia Spinner says convergence of fraud and security issues reduces vulnerabilities. She proposes a solution-driven, integrated approach that detect threats while there is still time to react.

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