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Drowning in a sea of alerts


Producing high volumes of low-value alerts can impact investigation effectiveness and regulatory report quality. High performance scenario tuning helps investigation staff be more efficient – improving compliance and reducing the risk of inaccurate or late regulatory reports.

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Predicting motor vehicle insurance claims fraud


Mark Schneider and Chase Zieman work with the Highway Safety Committee at Louisiana State University. They won the Analytics 2012 poster contest by demonstating how to predict insurance claims fraud.

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Five ways to apply predictive analytics in risk management


From better targeting and risk assessment to streamlining operations and optimizing business decisions in all areas, predictive analytics is the next big step toward gaining and maintaining a competitive edge. Olivia Rudd, Predictive Analytics Expert and Principal at OLIVIAGroup, has pulled together five key applications where financial services firms can excel by implementing predictive analytics to their risk management practices.


Ten reasons to invest in an automated fraud detection system

Automated Fraud Detection

Automated fraud detection systems are becoming more common in the insurance industry as the technology improves and benefits become more evident.Dennis Toomey, SAS, says the ‘soft benefits’ are harder to quantify and see, but are just as important. In his post, he points out ten that make the decision to automate easy.

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