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Remote banking is hot, fraud is not

Derek Wylde, Head of Group Fraud Risk, HSBC

Derek Wylde, Head of Group Fraud Risk, HSBC Group, discusses the latest trends in fraud detection and prevention and the move to mobile banking. What do these trends mean for global banking firms and what can you do to protect your customer in real-time?

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Data breaches, cyberheists and payments fraud

Data breaches, cybercrime or payments fraud

“Because of the relative ease with which this [payment card] data can be transmitted, the underground market can get a great ROI from their endeavors,” says Ron Dormido from Verizon Investigative Services. But 80 percent of data breaches, hacks, and cybercrimes are preventable – that’s according to the 2011 Data Breach Investigations Report. Read Dormido had to say at a recent conference about countering data breaches.

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Combat fraud: A perception change reduces losses

Ellen Joyner Robinson

Skimming and phishing attacks are becoming more common, with fraudsters taking full advantage of technology to operate globally. Find out some of the reasons behind the increase in bank fraud, and what you can do to stop it.

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How criminal enterprises out-network financial institutions

Chris Swecker

Boundless networking opportunities and a low risk of prosecution have led to increasing numbers of fraudsters. According to expert Chris Swecker, this trend can’t be stopped by law enforcement. Read his article and watch his webinar to learn what you can do.

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