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Seven steps to a successful auto insurance scam

Insurance scammers

Auto insurance scams account for an estimated 25% of all auto insurance claims. Delving in to the mind of an insurance scammer is one step to protecting against fraud.


Is fraud too big to handle?


Representatives from property and casualty insurer CNA, Los Angeles County and health systems consultant OptumInsight painted a bleak picture about fraud in their industries. Numbers like $30 billion were suggested, and that was just insurance fraud.

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Operationalizing a fraud detection solution

James Ruotolo, Insurance Fraud, SAS

With many insurers pursuing an analytical fraud detection solution, a common question arises: Buy a solution or build one internally?

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Partnering for fraud prevention

How Culture Determines Your Appetite for Risk

Some organizations have leveraged statistical software and internal experts to build their own fraud detection models. But building models is only half the battle. This post will review the factors to consider when implementing a fraud detection model.

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Ten reasons to invest in an automated fraud detection system

Automated Fraud Detection

Automated fraud detection systems are becoming more common in the insurance industry as the technology improves and benefits become more evident.Dennis Toomey, SAS, says the ‘soft benefits’ are harder to quantify and see, but are just as important. In his post, he points out ten that make the decision to automate easy.

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