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New digital risk models for tax and welfare agencies

preventing tax fraud

Annually, more than US$3.1 trillion is lost to tax evasion and error. Digital technologies can help governments recover millions, even billions, of that money and prevent future losses.

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Operationalizing a fraud detection solution

James Ruotolo, Insurance Fraud, SAS

With many insurers pursuing an analytical fraud detection solution, a common question arises: Buy a solution or build one internally?

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Fraud is a hidden tax to all of us

Wesley Gill

Fraud remains a huge problem around the globe, and Canada is no exception. According to a recent study of more than 1000 senior Canadian business executives, even though 80 percent felt that fraud prevention and detection were a priority, only 9 percent are using business analytics software effectively to help detect fraud! Without analytics, how are you finding and stopping fraud?

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New analytical approaches, less fraud

Ellen Joyner Robinson

Each year, cybercriminals steal as much as US$1B from small and mid-sized bank accounts in the US and Europe. Read about matching their sophistication with a new, hybrid strategy that incorporates new sources of data, real-time analytics and collaborations.

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