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Anti-fraud and error – what does success look like?


Can you predict a likely tax fraud or evasion – before it is committed? Predictive analytics is being used to uncover common fraud and evasion tactics: under-declared income, abuse of company status, false information by welfare claimants, identity theft and VAT repayment fraud.

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How to tell a genuine tax error from tax fraud

large bank

Predictive analytics helps tax agencies all over the world identify fraud and protect revenue. Ian Pretty, the Tax & Welfare Lead, at Capgemini Global Sectors explains how these analytical techniques quickly identified evidence of potential fraud for HM Revenue & Customs in the UK.

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James Frogue: Modern analytics help stop fraud

James Frogue

Fraud in public-assistance programs is far bigger than most people realize. James Frogue says that information sharing and advanced analytics across all government agencies will go a long way toward detecting and preventing fraud.


Fraud is everyone’s problem

Make Everyone a Risk Manager

Most fraudulent activity goes untried. In many cases, it goes undetected. The cost of that fraud is often passed on to customers, constituents or owners in the form of higher fees, increased taxes or lower margins. It doesn’t have to be that way.

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Fraud detection is more than cool

Magnifying Glass

Reliably predict the likelihood of fraud activity before it is authorized? In real time? John Geurts, the Executive General Manager for Group Security and Chief Security Officer for the Commonwealth Bank Group in Australia, will walk you through the processes and technology.


Hit a roadblock in your fraud management?

Roadblock final

Ellen Joyner says there are three ways banks can use analytics to identity and stop fraud while improving the customer experience. See if one of these will remove your roadblock.

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Operationalizing a fraud detection solution

James Ruotolo, Insurance Fraud, SAS

With many insurers pursuing an analytical fraud detection solution, a common question arises: Buy a solution or build one internally?

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Convergence of fraud & security issues

data visualization

Every day, fraudsters and cyber criminals become more sophisticated and better organized. How can you protect your organization and your customers from this threat? Patricia Spinner says convergence of fraud and security issues reduces vulnerabilities. She proposes a solution-driven, integrated approach that detect threats while there is still time to react.

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Remote banking is hot, fraud is not

Derek Wylde, Head of Group Fraud Risk, HSBC

Derek Wylde, Head of Group Fraud Risk, HSBC Group, discusses the latest trends in fraud detection and prevention and the move to mobile banking. What do these trends mean for global banking firms and what can you do to protect your customer in real-time?

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Cross-border no-fault fraud

James Ruotolo, Insurance Fraud, SAS

Insurance companies and fraud-fighting agencies in North America are noticing a trend: Fraudsters are now exporting their best practices to our neighbors to the north.The province of Ontario has a mixed no-fault and tort insurance system with superb benefits that fraudsters are capitalizing on. Read this post by James Ruotolo to find out how insures to the north are battling this influx.

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