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Convergence of fraud & security issues

data visualization

Every day, fraudsters and cyber criminals become more sophisticated and better organized. How can you protect your organization and your customers from this threat? Patricia Spinner says convergence of fraud and security issues reduces vulnerabilities. She proposes a solution-driven, integrated approach that detect threats while there is still time to react.

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Top 10 GRC issues


Organizations must move toward a focus of governance, risk and compliance to remain competitive and avoid the surprises that can cause them to cease operations or face acquisition. Read the 10 most pressing GRC issues facing corporations today.

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Choosing a hybrid approach to fight fraud more effectively

SAS Fraud Network Analysis

A hybrid approach identifies associations between various accounts and integrates that information with the traditional rules and analytics to better score risk, prioritize alerts, reduce false positives, increasing the efficiency of investigators and reducing fraud losses. Dan Barta describes network analysis and says you can use either the top down or bottom up approach. Which approach are you using?

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Insurers tackle thorny issues in fraud detection and prevention

Insurance Fraud Panel PBLS

The Insurance Information Institute estimates that 10 percent of all property and casualty claims are fraudulent. Investigating suspicious claims after they are paid makes it so much harder for insurers to stop the fraudsters. In this post, Rachel Alt-Simmons reports on a panel discussion between Allstate and CNA, insurers that are now using data-driven decision making to detect and prevent fraud.

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New analytical approaches, less fraud

Ellen Joyner Robinson

Each year, cybercriminals steal as much as US$1B from small and mid-sized bank accounts in the US and Europe. Read about matching their sophistication with a new, hybrid strategy that incorporates new sources of data, real-time analytics and collaborations.

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More ACH payments, more chances for fraud

David Stewart

While ACH payments were once considered low risk, they have attracted the attention of criminals who use the high volume and relative anonymity of such transactions to commit fraud on a growing scale. Read more to find out how to reduce fraud losses.

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Mastering fraud and the ‘perfect storm’

Stu Bradley, Director of the Fraud & Financial Crimes Practice at SAS

Fraudsters have proven their abilities to skirt network security and authentication, which means it’s time for institutions to focus on an analytics approach. Read about Stu Bradley’s three-pronged approach for addressing fraud and stopping the transactions before loss occurs.


Stop fraudsters before they strike

Satish Lalchand

Tune in to this webinar to hear Satish Lalchand, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services, and Jon Lemon, SAS, discuss how to improve your information credibility, enhance the effectiveness of your investigations and demonstrate financial accountability in a timely and effective manner.

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