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Trends in risk management

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Al Sim, Senior Director at SAS, talks with Silvia Pavoni, Investment Editor for “The Banker,” about risk management best practices and trends that were uncovered during the 2011-2012 joint Financial Times/SAS enterprise risk management thought leadership program.

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State of risk management, data

Data for risk management - 2012

When you take a look back over 2011, what will be the the stand out memory? Will it be the struggles in Greece and the other Eurozone countries to restructure their debt? How about the new regulatory changes or the new regulatory bodies in the US? David Rogers, SAS, says that many of these old problems caused by one overriding issue – data. What will you be doing about data in 2012?

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Four benefits of data integration for risk management

Waynette Tubbs, Editor

Integrating fragmented data – from growth, acquisitions and outgrown models – can lead to a more effective risk management strategy. Data is multiplying furiously. Learn the benefits of taming data to move your organization toward its goals.

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Big Data a ‘big bummer’ for financial services?

Big Data White Paper

Starting in 2007, according to IDC, the amount of data captured and replicated worldwide outgrew our storage capacity. The data – and that gap – have been growing exponentially ever since. How are financial services firms handling the big data problem?

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Risk management strategy at Wells Fargo

Has RM Been Sidelined

Look at how Wells Fargo incorporates risk management into its business strategy, and then read the Economist Intelligence Unit report of global firms and risk management. Where does your firm stand, and what changes can you make to be more competitive?


Risk management today

Rich Apostolik

Since the global financial crisis beginning in 2008, the role of risk management and the risk manager has changed dramatically. But, has the emphasis on risk management begun to lessen as firms seek to recoup profits in this era of extremely low interest rates?

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New risks from Dodd-Frank

Guillermo Kopp

While financial firms have been improving the regulatory framework to manage known risks, it’s also important to understand the perils of complexity risk. The regulations presented by the Dodd-Frank Act hint at managing complexity risks. Read this frank discussion.

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Has risk management been sidelined?

Has RM Been Sidelined

An Economist Intelligence Unit survey found a renewed focus among financial services execs on growth and profitability, perhaps misplaced as many claim that risk management changes made since the crisis are inadequate to handle future volatility and complexity. Is this a slide backward?

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