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Data visualization – Helping agencies see the big picture of crime

data visualization

Law enforcement agencies need to track the complex, fast changing criminal networks and relationships, while spotting trends and interpreting visual patterns. Data visualization technology allows agencies to explore and find answers to key questions quickly and efficiently.


Data visualization tackles the big data obstacles to anti-terrorism efforts

shadowy image of a criminal

Effective terrorists of the future will know how to hide and act using technology and data. Data visualization will help predict their moves – even of those who are data savvy.

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Faster AND smarter: Supercharging capital markets with real-time data and visualization

data visualization

By performing deeper analyses on data captured in-stream, and then injecting the results back into the business in real time, firms can better manage market risk, liquidity and counterparty credit risk during the trading day.

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Data visualization meets cyber crime

data visualization

Big data can be a bad thing – if you can’t see the knowledge locked inside. That is particularly important when you are trying to see possible relationships and linkages. Cyber security is an area where data visualization technology would help uncover those linkages in a way that everyone can understand, even those without a statistics degree.

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