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Big data management for retail banks


The challenge for the years ahead will be to balance increased regulatory costs and the need for greater efficiency while at the same time delivering an improved customer experience and innovations to retain customers and grow revenues. High-performance analytics will help bank executives pave the path to success – with customers, regulators and the market.

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Solvency II business benefits

David Buckham, Founder and President of Monocle Solutions, says Solvency II directives are designed to benefit policy holders adn insurance companies. Learn how your firm can benefit from implementation and gain a competitive advantage.

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Six key challenges to meeting Solvency II standards

Six guidelines for stress testing

The more progress insurers make with Solvency II implementation the more they realize they have to do. Starting early is the key. This post briefly describes six key challenges insurers must address immediately to meet Solvency II standards in time. From there, I’ll point you to a white paper detailing those challenges and a framework that provides a solid foundation for improved capital and cost-efficiency.

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Digging out or digging deeper?

David Wallace

You’ve heard it before – siloed data is trouble. Data trouble is getting bigger every day, so those siloes are helping you dig a giant hole for your organization. David Wallace had three-step plan for managing your big data troubles that reduces risk and keeps you in regulatory compliance.

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Four benefits of data integration for risk management

Waynette Tubbs, Editor

Integrating fragmented data – from growth, acquisitions and outgrown models – can lead to a more effective risk management strategy. Data is multiplying furiously. Learn the benefits of taming data to move your organization toward its goals.

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Big Data a ‘big bummer’ for financial services?

Big Data White Paper

Starting in 2007, according to IDC, the amount of data captured and replicated worldwide outgrew our storage capacity. The data – and that gap – have been growing exponentially ever since. How are financial services firms handling the big data problem?

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Filter a signal from the noise

Gary Cokins

Though strategic scorecards and dashboards can help approach an organization’s mountains of data, they still involve guesswork and intuition – risk. Analytics can help an organization sort through its data and filter out the “noise” when it comes to tracking metrics and KPIs, making it possible to act on fact.

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Advice about data that risk managers still need to hear

David Rogers

David Rogers says changes have been made to ensure that mistakes of the past will not haunt financial services firms in the future, but he has advice firms still need to hear. Read my interview with him to learn about the importance of data and embracing new techniques.


What’s the risk in data that doesn’t fit?

Anne Milley

Can data management reduce your risk exposure? According to Anne Milley, there is no single measure of data quality, but if you take the time to measure and monitor important attributes of data quality, you can gauge the potential for improvement.

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10 data integration best practices for risk management

Waynette Tubbs, Editor

There are several reasons your organization might choose to integrate its data, including, business intelligence, regulatory compliance and risk management. Bookmark these 10 data integration best practices to help your risk management organization get the most accurate data for decision making.

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